Plur Of the Seas Boat Party //

It's a party that is taking place in the middle of the sea, with house music anthem, and the guests can enjoy swimming session in between the trip, were the yacht will stop for 3 hours in the sea for guests who wish to have a dive.

The event is ticketed from Virgin Mega store and/or on the door, the prices

AED 250 Gents
AED 170 Ladies
AED 350 Couples 

DJ Sets from - Raveland, Xabb, DJ Jane Katerina.

Enjoy unlimited food (snacks) and beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic) with your entrance ticket.


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Beverage Prices
Dress Code
  • Casual
  • Beach wear is preferable incase the guest would like to swim
Special Conditions
  • Entrance: AED 250 Gents
  • Entrance: AED 170 Ladies
  • Entrance: AED 350 Couples
  • Beverages complimentary with your entrance ticket
In the Neighborhood//